Trust and security

We have built Sharemos as a platform where trust and security are the two most important things. We know that what worries the owners the most is damaging the item. That is why we made the process of renting truly secure and transparent

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Listing's value and deposit

When you publish your listing apart from the daily price we ask you to declare the value of the listing. If anything should go wrong, which is almost impossible :), this value is the amount you can claim (as long as this value corresponds with the market value).

When a listing is booked, Sharemos blocks a part of the listing's value as a security deposit from the booker's card. This money together with the price payed is kept in our system until the booking is over. The deposit is returned to the booker immediatelly if the listing is returned in good conditions. If unfortuanatelly the listing gets damaged or lost, both parties can resolve the issue using our claims resolution system. In case the parties are not reaching an agreement, Sharemos reserves the right to mediate and resolve the issue compensating the owner with the amount that corresponds to damage made to the listing.


Both bookers and the owners have to be protected because a listing might not be as described or the users might have bad habit of not coming on time. This is where our feedback system comes into play. After every transaction our users leave feedback about the other user and about the listing. This assures that everything is transparent all the time and that every users is eager to be as correct as possible.

Our messaging system allows you to communicate with the other user before renting the item or in the middle when the booking has been done. Using our messaging system you can get more details about the booking, about the user or agree on some changes regarding the pick-up address or time.

Review the booker (accept or reject the booking)

Owners have the right to reject the reservation for whatever reason. When the reservation arrives they can check the bookers profile, his previous feedbacks and decide whether to accept teh reservation or not.


Should you need any help or have any question, please, contact us on