How Sharemos works?

Enjoy things without owning them. Be part of a new wave that consumes differently.

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    The quiet revolution

    Save money by renting stuff you would normally buy. Stop stocking stuff you normally use and forget. Be green, it simply makes sense. Enjoy the flexibility it offers.

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    Ease of use and community

    Easily manage your listings and discover a vibrant and active community both locally and globally. Meeting people with same interests is part of the charm ;-)

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    Your personal information is protected, the payments are secure and the the item you choose is proven to be as expected by other users. Online reviews and ratings are posted by both parties after each booking.

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    Publish a listing.

    Set up an account, publish a listing and setup a deposit. Describe your item in clear, simple terms, add cool pictures of it.

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    Manage your booking.

    Get contacted, check users background (online reviews and ratings) left by other users and accept or reject the booking. You manage the bookings directly in your dashboard. Communicating with potential bookers will help you sell your item by establishing trust and a good rapport.

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    Deliver the item and get it back.

    Receive payment (current booking + deposit). Hand over the item for the Booker to use it. Get it back and leave feedback. Feedback helps create a trusted community.

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    Search for what you need.

    Find the items you are interested in using keywords or browsing our ​​categories. Rent music, photo or sport equipment - anywhere in the world.

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    Contact the owner and book it!

    Read the item description carefully. If you have any questions about the item, you can ask question to the renter. Book the listing, a credit is blocked in your Sharemos wallet. It is transferred to the owner once the booking is over.

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    Get the listing and use it.

    Pick up the item, use it and return it ;). When returning the item, use the code provided by Sharemos to close the transaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Your safety is our number one concern. Users personal details are verified and reviews are confirmed. Our money transaction service incorporates industry-leading safety features that give you greater security and peace of mind as you manage your bookings.

Feedback and reputation

We encourage members to leave Feedback about their experience after each transaction. Feedback helps create a trusted community for everyone.

How much will I pay for a booking?

You will pay for the day you rent the item. An extra deposit is blocked as a guarantee for the renter, this deposit will be refunded to the booker once the transaction is closed. Sharemos will substract a fee on the transaction (10%).

Contact Sharemos

Our customer service team is ready to help you with any problems or questions that you may have. You can contact us through your dashboard or using one of the option we offer in the contact page.

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