What is Sharemos?

Sharemos is a peer-to-peer lending community of photographers, musicians and other hobbyists started in 2015. Hundreds of members have joined already and published their unused gear to rent out to others with the assurance that Sharemos will cover any damage or loss. We offer the best way to rent photo equipment, music equipment etc., because renting the equipment from the traditional rental shops is usually 40% - 60% more expensive (if there is any shop to rent around you at all in the first place). Also, since you are getting the equipment directly from another member there are no shipping delays and waiting.


Everyone can join by simply registering and providing some personal information. You will instantly be able to publish and lend your gear. Also, you will be able to communicate with other memebers and book their equipment.

Rental process.

  1. Find the equipment that you are looking for.
  2. Initiate a conversation with the owner if you have any questions regarding the listing.
  3. Select the days you want to rent the equipment and click on Book now
  4. Introduce your card details and click pay. Our secure payment system Mangopay will process your card and transfer money to your virtual wallet in Sharemos
  5. You will immediatelly be taken to a booking details page with contact and booking information to coordinate pick-up and return.
  6. Coordinate any change in time or location directly with the over through our messaging system

Is it safe?

Definitely. Our members are pre-screened professionals and hobbyists who understand the value and the importance of the equipment they rent. Every member gets checked before their first rental including their email, phone number, address, and card details. After each successful rental, both members are asked to leave a feedback regarding the transaction and the experience in general. This feedback is public and is one of the most important parts of building the trust in the community.

Where is Sharemos based and active?

Sharemos LTD is an UK based company with the activity, for now, all around Spain with some communities being built all around Europe. Note that Sharemos is not linked to any location in particular. Everyone around Europe can join, publish and start the community there.

Payment and insurance

Are there any fees?

Joining Sharemos is 100% free. All prices you see on the platform already include our 10%-20% fee that we add to have a sostainable and growing service.

Payments safety, card processing?

Short answer is that your card details are super safe and that the money for rentals is always kept in your virtual wallet, available to you immediatelly after cancelation of a booking or after the rental is over. When you book a listing we process your card and keep all the money in you virtual wallet. You can get your money by canceling the booking or after the booking is over. All money transactions are made securely on Sharemos through Mangopay, our payment processor. Mangopay is a European licensed e-money issuer, which allows Mangopay to manage third-party payments legally certified to PCI DSS certification.

How do you handle damaged or lost equipment?

We take security of your equipment very seriously and that is why in case of any damage you will be reimbursed the repairment amount or in case of loss or theft 100% of the value. Renter is always held 100% responsible for the equipment and that is why we ask for a security deposit of 30% when reservation is made. This deposit kept in case an accident happens and the gear gets damaged. If the damage exceeds 30% of the deposit we reserve the right to charge the card up to 100% of the value of the equipment. In case we fail to charge the card the owner will be covered with up to 2500€ and paid in a period no less than 3 weeks.

What prevents the Renter from just keeping the gear?

Listing published in Sharemos are sometimes very expensive and the risk of theft is naturally there. That's why insist on pre-screening and confirming the users before the first rental. In the case of theft, we have the Renter's card information, mailing address, phone number and verified identity to follow-up with the local authorities. In any case, Owners will be fully reimbursed. Always.

Is there a proof of exchange?

In an email after making the reservation both renter and booker receive a short 3 digit code that is known only to them. When meeting, to prove that you gave your equipment away, you will ask the booker to give you his code and vice versa when returning the gear. This code is a simple, but effective way of proving that the exchange happened.

Who covers the gear?

Sometimes accidents happen and we understand that items on Sharemos mean a lot to their owners. That's why we guarantee that all the gear (valued under 2500€) will be fully or partially refunded in the event of damage or loss. Again, renters are held 100% responsible for any damage or loss and will be charged with the entire amount. Sharemos' guarantee of 2500€ is there just in case we are unable to charge the booker's card.

Can I rent expensive equipment - over 2500€?

Of course you can rent it! The only difference here is that Sharemos insists on getting a private insurance for the equipment listed since we don’t guarantee any listings that are worth over 2500€. There are many insurance companies that sell insurances on daily basis for musical and photo equipment, gadgets etc. that will cover your equipment 100%. Contact us and we will provide you a list of the ones that will cover your listing.


Complete your profile.

Provide a nice photo of yourself to build trust and also provide a real name since you will be checked upon your first transaction anyway. Update your phone number and your email too.

Leave feedback.

Please, leave an honest feedback when you rent and lend gear. The more feedback you give, the more feedbacks you'll earn which leads to more rental and a more trustworthy community.

Don’t pay anything off Sharemos system.

All payments need to be made through the Sharemos because any booking or a payment made off platform is not protected nor safe.

Pickup & return.

For everyone’s safety, meet in a public location for picking up and returning your gear. There is no need to provide your full home address. We recommend providing a public location close to your home, but not your exact address

Equipment condition

Naturally equipment will always have some wear-offs and there might be some disagreement regarding the condition of the equipment after returning it. That is why it is essential that the equipment photos and description are up to date. In case of any serious dispute we will investigate and photos will be our main tool for deciding whether the damage value is resonable or not. Bookers should inspect the gear before taking it and not accept it if it’s not as described.

Communicate quickly.

When you receive a message from another member it's important that you reply quickly. Even if you can't loan your gear at that time, reply as soon as possible to let the other user know the situation. Note that response times are publicly known and members usuarlly prefer renting from responsive members

Be open and honest in your communication.

In your communication with other users, be honests and provide details of any possible problem with your gear. You can do that by publishing photos that include these wear-offs, by describing the problem in the listing description or by communicating this in a private message. In case of any problem with the equipment or maybe with the agreed return time, let the owner know to avoid any missunderstandings. Also, don’t hesitate contacting us if you need any help during your reservation.

Listing gear

What can I publish?

Anything that might be of value to someone! Our most requested items are photo equipment such as cameras, lenses and accessiories and musical equipment - mostly guitars, pedals, microphones etc. Just list what you have and you’ll soon know whether there is interest for your gear or not.

Is it fine if I list bundles or kits?

Definitely. Actually, we encourage listing items twice: first individually and second as a bundle together with other relating items. This way users can rent, for example, your camera body while others the whole set.

What is a correct price to set?

Choosing the price is 100% up to you, but we have some hints and guidelines on choosing the correct one. What you want to do is browse a little bit and see prices of similar items on Sharemos and also the prices traditional rentals shop offer. You could also follow our rule of thumb of setting the daily price to 2-3% of the value of the item. Last, but certainly not least set the price as lower as possible to encourage longer rentals since everyone prefers paying a bit more, but keeping the equipment for an extra day or two. If you're still unsure how to price, contact us (info@sharemos.com). We're happy to help :)

Setting a security deposit.

Security deposit is the maximum value you will be able to claim in an unfortunate case of damage or loss of the equipment. This amount should correspond with a value your equipment could achieve on the second hand market. Please, don’t overblow this amount because in case of any dispute with a booker, we reserve the right to reject charging an amount that is unreasonable and also bookers are less likely to book your item. In case you have a private insurance coverage, you can lower the security deposit value to something symbolic such as 300€ since in this case we will ask bookers to leave only 90€ as a security deposit.

Do you charge a fee to publish a listing?

Publishing your gear and creating an account are completely free. We add our fee 10%-20% to the daily price and it’s is payed by the renter so keep in mind that the price you set will go up a bit.

Is my equipment protected 100%?

Yes, but there is a limit of 2500€. We guarantee that your equipment will be fully replaced in the event of damage or loss (with the limit being 2500€). Sharemos charges bookers a 30% of the item value as a deposit to cover any damage/accident that might happen. This amount is used to repair the equipment if the damage was caused during the rental period. If the amount exceeds aforementioned 30% we will charge the rest from the bookers card after the claim is opened. In case this process takes us time we guarantee that you will be payed up to 2500€ within max. 3 weeks.

How do you resolve disputes?

We know, accidents happen, but really rarely and when they do happen the claims are resolved in a friendly manner between the two parties. In case there is a problem with the returned equipment, users can open a dispute and explain what happened and ask Sharemos to transfer X€ from the deposit to the owner to cover the damage. If both users agree, we do so. If not, we contact both users, ask for explanations, ask for photos and decide whether the amount being claimed is just or not. By the way, we never had to do so :)

Pick up location?

You are free to use any address as the location of your listing. We suggest using some public address close to your house as the pickup/return location

Listing expensive equipment?

We encourage rental of expensive equipment, but due to a high risk we insist on covering your equipment with a private insurance during the rental period. Keep in mind that Sharemos doesn’t cover items of declared value over 2500€ and also a renter is not responsible for any damage over 30% of deposit we take!

Can I send my equipment using postal service?

Do not do that for security reasons. It is hard to prove that you delivered the listing or that a listing was returned. Also, who would take the responsibility for any damage that might occur in transportation.


You can unpublish your listin at any time. Also, you can adjust the availability in case you cannot rent your equipment during a specific period.

I am not receiving requests.

If you don’t receive any requests you might try lowering your price. Another reason may be that Sharemos community around you is still growing. You should defenitely try to promote your equipment by posting it in other websites such as segundamano or milanuncios, posting it on social networks and by inviting your friends to join sharemos

Can I reject the reservation?

You certainly can unless the reservation period already started! Cancelation is free of charge for both renter and a booker. We ask you to always reply with an explanation to the booker regarding your reasons.

Before the rental

Meeting and communicating with the booker.

We suggest following these main point before meeting with the booker:
  • Make sure your equipment is clean, fully functional and charged (in case of digital equipment).
  • If you have an equipment bag, put all together
  • Use our messaging system to tell the renter about anything unusual and provide advice.
  • Meet the Renter in a public location and not at your home for privacy resons.
  • Inspect the gear together with the Renter at time of pick-up and return and exchange codes provided that prove the exchange
  • You will be given each others phone number to communicate freely, but we suggest using our messaging system since this will help us investigate if any problem should occur during the reservation
In case you need help don’t hesitate contacting us.

During and after the rental

What if the renter is not on time?

If the renter is not on time for returning the item, try contacting she/him. If the user unreachable, contact us at info@sharemos.com and we’ll guide you on how to open a claim.

My equipment got damaged. What do I do?

Minor scratches, scuffs, and dirt that can easily be cleaned happen sometimes, but cannot be claimed. I this case leave a negative feedback so that the renter is unlikely to make another reservation. If you believe the damage is beyond normal wear-and-tear, talk to the Renter when returning the item and try to reach an agreement on the amount that will be needed to fix the equipment. Open a dispute to tell us what part of damage deposit we should transfer to the owner. If unfortunatelly you do not agree on the damage, open the dispute and contact us on info@sharemos. We will then contact both of you and ask for some photos with a detailed description of the situation. It is important that you open the dispute within 24h of the end date, as we do not resolve damage reported the day after a rental ends. Any other problem you have, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you resolve it.

Getting paid

Receivin the payment?

24h after the end date of the reservation and after the claim period is over you will have to provide us a bank account where you wawnt your money to be transferred. Once everything is in order your earnings from completed rentals will automatically be transferred to your bank. Please keep in mind that bank transfers sometimes can take 2-4 days to reach the destination account.

Before booking

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

We are trying really hard to build Sharemos communities in cities all around Spain (and Europe), but of course we can always do better. If you cannot find what you are looking for, create an account and do the following: invite your colleagues and friends to join Sharemos using our Invite friends and start building community around you. In a 2-3 day time someone will probably publish what you need.

What if I have some questions regarding the listing?

If there is anything unclear with the listing or you need more details, feel free to send a message to the owner using our messaging system. Any other doubt you might have, contact us.

Who is responsible if any damage occurs?

Bookers (aka renters) are fully responsible for any damage, theft and loss of the listing during the rental period. If any damage occurs by misuse booker will be held responsible and charged up to 100% of cost of in case security deposit doesn’t suffice. For items whose declared value is over 2500€ owners must cover their items by a private insurance since Sharemos can guarantee only up to 30% of the article's value.

Can I use my own insurance?

If you want avoid any liability as a renter we suggest paying a daily insurance policy that will cover any damage or theft. Read carefully their terms and conditions to see what’s being covered. Note that we will still need to charge you security deposit that will be returned to you at the end of reservation. If you need help with choosing the right one, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why do you ask for a deposit?

Since bookers are 100% responsible for the equipment they borrow, we ask the deposit to be sure that owner's item can be refunded as soon as possible if any accident should happen. Please note that we charge 30% of the deposit at the time of booking, but that you will be held responsible for the full repairment/replacement cost and charged respectively in case of a serious damage or loss of the item. If no claim is opened security deposits are automatically refunded to bookers within 48h after the rental ends.

Where does the deposit money go?

When you book a listing on Sharemos we charge a security deposit + the price of rental. The money is transferred to your virtual wallet and kept there until the rental end or the reservation is canceled. In case you cancel the reservation (until 24h before the beginning of the rental) your money will be available immediately.

Is there an option of delivery?

For security reasons we don't advise sending the equipment through postal service because it get get damaged, lost etc. and in that case we can't establish the responsability. Sharemos is a community based platform and all pick-ups and returns should be done in person because you need to check the listing for any damage when picked up / returned. You also need to exchange the security codes to prove the listing's posession.

Payment process

Paying the rental

After you find what you were looking for, contact the owner for any extra information, select the dates and hit “Book”. This will take you to our secure payment page where you will be asked for your card details. We accept all major debit and credit cards. The money we charge from your card will be transferred to your wallet and blocked there until the end of the reservation. If you decide to cancel the reservation before the starting date we will immediately refund all the money. Having problems? Let us know (support@sharemos.com) and we'll help you troubleshoot.

What is a Sharemos wallet?

All users have a virtual wallet assigned to their account. When you make a booking we check if you have enough money in your wallet. If you don’t, we charge your card and transfer the money to your wallet. The money is visible, but blocked in your wallet until the end of the reservation or until you cancel the booking. Owners also have a wallet assigned to their account and this is where they receive their payments. Once the money is in a wallet it can be transferred to a bank account or reused for another rental.

What about PayPal?

We know how useful Paypal is. We love it too, but unfortunatelly we cannot accept Paypal for security reasons. All payments need to be verified on our behalf by our payment solution partner Mangopay in order to confirm that the card isn’t stolen, who the owner of the card is etc. We accept any major credit or debit card so there should be no problems. Also, payment is super secure and your card details are kept very safe by Mangopay system - take our word on this one.

Before the rental


By default meeting time and place is at 10am at the location published by the owner, but users are free to agree differently. For privacy and security reasons, arrange to meet in a public location.

How do I contact the Owner?

We provide each others phone number, but suggest communicating using our messaging system, since this can help us investigate if any problems should occur.

What if the Owner never shows up?

Call the Owner first to make sure she is not simply being late. If you can't get hold of her, let us know as soon as possible and we'll give you a full refund. This hasn’t happened yet, but just in case.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Of course! You can cancel any booking made until 24h before the booking begins. In case you meet and the listing is in bad condition, don't worry, simply thank the user and contact us and we will unlock the money in your wallet immediately. If you have any problems let us know (support@sharemos.com) and we will follow up as soon as possible.

Is it possible to change the dates?

Unfortunately, at this moment, our system doesn't support alternations. If you have to change the dates, cancel the reservation and make another one. If this is impossible because it’s within the last 24h, contact us and we will help you out.

During and after the rental

The gear is in bad condition or not working. What do I do?

It is a must to check the gear together with the owner before picking it up and if the listing is not in good conditions or there is something that wasn’t in the description, don’t take it, thank the owner and contact us. We will give you a full refund. If equpment starts malfunctioning once in your posession and it is not due to a misuse, contact us (support@sharemos.com) and we'll sort things out.

The equipment got damaged. What should I do now?

Sometimes accidents happen. If the gear was damaged or lost you should notify the owner and try to reach an agreement regarding the amount you are liable for. Contact us at (support@sharemos.com) as soon as possible with a detailed description of the situation and we will help you sort this out.

Who pays if the gear gets damaged or lost?

You are fully responsible for the gear while it's in your possession. When you make a reservation we charge you 30% of value of the listing as a security deposit. If this amount cannot fully cover the damage you can be charged up to 100% of the value. For equipment that’s worth over 2500€ you are responsible up to 30% of that in case of damage and loss since owners should cover the gear with an insurance policy.
We know your equipment is very valuable and how much it means to you. This is why we guarantee you will always be refunded the amount of repairing or full gear replacement in case this damage or loss was caused by booker’s misuse or negligence, of course. This is how the disputes/claims work.

How long will I wait for the refund?

After we receive a claim regarding damaged or lost equipment if both parties agree on the amount we will immediately transfer you the money to your wallet. In case of a disagreement we will intervene by asking some questions to both of you, ask some photos and in extreme cases a damage confirmation by an official repairment shop. If the damage is over 30% of the equipment’s value, we will need between 7 days and 3 weeks to refund you.

My equipment is damaged

If you notice any damage (usage wear off don't count), try to reach an agreement with the booker on the amount you will need to repair it. Open a claim from the booking page or contact us to guide you. If you disagree on the responsibility for the damage, simply open a claim explaining the reasons and we will contact both of you to see what happened asking you some photos, damage assessment etc. Claim has to be opened within 24h after the end of rental period. Once the claim is resolved, we will transfer the money to your wallet asap.

My equipment got stolen. What should I do?

If you can’t get a hold of the booker, open a claim and contact us! We will then ask you to file a police report within 24h and send us that report to coordinate the refund. Notioce that if your equipment is worth more than 2500€ Sharemos can guarantee to refund only 30% of its value! In case of items over 2500€ you should have a private insurance policy covering damage and theft. We will provide all personal details such as name, surname, card details and address of the booker to the police and any insurance policy if asked.

I have my equipment insured.

Since we offer a guarantee of max. 30% of the equipment value for items over 2500€, buying an insurance policy that covers damage, theft etc. is indispensable. Again, we will provide all details we have about the booker in case an insurance company asks us to share them.

Are your users trustworthy?

Definitely. Sharemos’ community is made of pre-screened professionals and hobbyists who understand the value of the gear they hold. We verify the identity of every new member before their first rental is approved, requiring mailing address, phone number, and record of professional history to ensure trust and safety for all. After each successful rental, members are peer-reviewed which appear on their public profiles.

Insurance for items over 2500€

For now, Sharemos guarantees full coverage for items whose value is up to 2500€. Items over that amount are only 30% covered and this is why we insist on buying a private insurance coverage before publishing expensive equipment. All major insurance companies offer insurances for audio, photo, musical equipment. If you need any recommendation, please contact us at support@sharemos.com and we will get back to you with a list of companies covering your equipment.

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